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The first thing to say is that every client is different and has different insurance needs, although it is true that these are differences that can be based on age as well lifestyle.

UK drivers are unlikely to drive an uninsured car, which most people would never dream of doing, but some people often neglect to insure their homes properly, and in general they are less aware of the need for personal liability insurance, where claims could run into the millions.

So everyone should ensure that all aspects of their insurance is up to date and provides them with adequate cover.


Of private clients it is found that about 60 per cent is car insurance and perhaps 30 per cent is home insurance, then there are savings and life insurance plans and various other types of policy. The majority of our clients are from the UK , but a service can also be provided in German, Swedish, Danish, French and Dutch.

It is very important for clients that they be able to understand their needs and see the documentation in their own language, although the end policy has to be in English

Safe drivers... we all know that women are safer drivers! and that accidents involving women are less costly. 

What about the cars? In the UK is said that green cars are the more accident-prone because they blend into the scenery and you don't easily see them.

In some counties it is thought that the safest cars are white coloured and the colour most like to be involved in crashes are red cars but this could be because of the type of person who selects the colour of the car and nothing to do with the back ground colour situation!

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